Sleek Goodies


This is the new Sleek Contouring Cream Kit. I had to get it when it came out in the shops. This is amazing. It comes in 3 colours and I went for the medium one. It comes with instructions which guides you when applying this.

Range: Cream Contour Kit

Sculpt, define and enhance to create the illusion of refined features, higher cheekbones, a softer jawline or a slimmer nose. The velvety smooth, buildable cream formulas blend seamlessly onto the skin for a flawless, fade proof finish.


Each kit is an expertly developed combination of shades working with all skin tones to create natural shadows and highlights. Each shade has a specific function:
Shade 1 – highlighting
Shade 2 – deeper highlighting
Shade 3 – concealing/ blending contouring
Shade 4 – contouring or adding subtle shadowing effects
Shade 5 – creating the illusion of shadows
Shade 6 – adding deeper shadow effects




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