Detox Time


These brand new Loreal Clay Masks are just amazing. They are cureently £5 in Boots.

Introducing the first ever face masks from L’Oréal Paris. Each contains a powerful blend of three pure clays and its own unique natural ingredient to unmask your most beautiful skin. Find your perfect Clay Mask or multi-mask your way to the ultimate bespoke skincare routine:

Purity Clay Mask with Eucalyptus works deep into the pores to purify and mattify oily, shiny skin.

Glow Clay Mask with Red Algae exfoliates the skin to illuminate dull, uneven skin tone.

Detox Clay Mask, with Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out impurities and clarify normal, congested skin.

I have bought both the Detox and Purity masks as some parts of my face are oily and some places need to breathe.



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