Hakassan Dinner

When at MGM, I had to go to Hakassan to have dinner and boy was it delicious! We got a variety of dishes to try as it is always good to try something new. We started with vegetarian starters which included a dim sum platter of┬ámorel mushroom dumpling, truffle beancurd roll, edamame dumpling, crystal vegetable […]

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Bellagio Fountains

There is nothing like seeing them in person. This is so true, it is huge and at night it is a better view as there is music and beautiful large fountains. The Fountains of Bellagio were destined to romance your senses. Take in a spectacular show of thoughtfully interwoven water, music and light designed to […]

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Whilst shopping, the Freemont Street Experience is justa round the corner. I along with my family, zip lined down the street. The thrill is great and it is not as scary as it looks. It lasts a few seconds but it worth it as you see the street from the top! SlotZilla at Fremont Street […]

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Shopping Ready

When in Vegas, I went to the South Shopping Outlet and they have some great bargains! I headed straight to Ralph Lauren and got some poloshirts and then a Michael Kors Bag, which was so cheap. They have sunglasses, makeup, Levi’s jeans etc. It is a great place to shop as there are loads of […]

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Cheesecake Factory

If you havent eaten at the Cheesecake Factory, it is a must on your to do list! We couldn’t walk away without eating any cheesecake, so opted for the Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Their Sundaes are huge too and they taste so divine. I had lunch as well and that […]

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All in black

There was  theme for my Vegas nights and it consisted of an all black wardrobe! I wore a Zara full outfit with Leather Shorts, Lace Bow Top and H&M Heels. I love black clothing but this was great as I turned these shorts into an glam outfit by adding lace detailing and some heels.

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