Penn & Teller


It was Penn & Teller time and boy did they have a show. Not only are they true magicians but they are comedians too. They had a story for each trick and it was simple but still spectacular! This was at the RIO hotel and they even came out at the end to greet everyone and take pictures!

Penn and Teller pair the unique talents of Penn Jillette and Teller, who is famously silent throughout their performances. They have appeared on dozens of television shows and movies, even creating their own television project such as “Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular”. Their quick wit and ability to shed light on traditional magic tricks put them on your “must see” list when visiting Las Vegas. Wacky and unconventional performers Penn and Teller perform at The Rio for long-time fans and first time visitors. They famously stay after their performance to sign autographs and memorabilia for their guests. Penn and Teller provide an exciting and popular Las Vegas Show!



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