Asia De Cuba


My birthday lunch was just so tasty!

I ordered a 3 course meal, with calamari, chicken and one hell of a dessert. My dessert was ordered by my fiance and it was such a nice surprise with candles and a personal message! The decor at Asia de Cuba is lovely too.


The iconic St Martins Lane eatery has been newly renovated and offers an updated menu and whimsical, enchanting interior design.

Representing the perfect culinary marriage of Latin and Asian ingredients, techniques and flavors, the innovative new menu is sophisticated yet whimsical, and above all, fun–retaining the same authentic preparations, tropical accents and sharing-style presentations loved by guests and food critics alike. Consisting of five main sections: Ceviches, Small Plates, Salads, Wok and Plancha, the menu also features an extensive selection of hand-crafted cocktails, built on classic formulas, that draw inspiration from Asia and Cuba and mirror the approachable and tropical nature of the food.


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